"Kyuhyun is a dongsaeng that I like. Actually we play jokes with each other a lot and I like it, but he also plays jokes while we are filming" - Zhou Mi 


Kyuhyun and Donghae causing mass murder by wearing their glasses and ruffling their hair, as well as featuring cutie-pie Wook stealing the show. 


Kyuhyun + props

hints? teasers? what is this, ryeowook?

cr: Sassoon_上輩子是折翼的天然膠

140729 Leeteuk at SM [Cr:朴正洙回家我娶你]

At 8AM KST, Park Jung Soo was officially discharged from military service. Welcome back Park Jung Soo!

YinYueTai \o/


[TRANS] GameGyu88I am back! Missed me? Do my parents who love me know I said this? ©

Soldiers usually have a “last year vacation”, where they come out 2 weeks before the official date and go back to the army around a day before (c)

Track Title: HER

Artist: Block b

super junior as youtubers